8 minutes game off

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Field umpire Tanvir Ahmed’s controversial decision, at the Sher-e-Bangla National Cricket Stadium yesterday, the game between Bangladesh and West Indies was closed for 8 minutes. Finally, the match referee Jeff Crowe played the role of mediating.

Before that, the chaos of the home of the venue of the venue! In the fourth over, Luton Das made Thomas ‘last delivery of Thomas’ last delivery in Oases, but Rutherford did the ‘No’ signal before Tanvir Ahmed gave the signal. The West Indies captain Carlos Brathwaite became furious after the match.

Brathwaite ordered the teammates to leave the field with their gesture. After getting the command of the captain, everyone was preparing to leave the field. Although nothing has happened in the end.

Umpire Tanvir Ossane did not call Thompson over the stapling over. Later on in the replay, it was in the foot line. After confirming it, the captain, coach and match -reary of the duo’s team out of the field – the match starts again when the Caribbean side returns to the ground. That delivery is not the only. Field umpire Tanvir No calls to Thomas’s fifth delivery in the same over.

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