After Shooting in Iran, Ananta and Barsha returning to Dhaka

:: Peoples Time Online ::

After completing thirty days of shooting in Iran, famous actor Ananta Jalil and Barsha returned to Dhaka this week, There they shot their new movie ‘Din – The Day’.

On the eve of the eid, the star couple flew in Iran with the whole unit. Ananta has done nearly 70 percent of the film’s work in several historic and picturesque locations in Iran.

Ananta Jalil said, I have visualized the film with the importance of Iranian historic sites. Along with different scenes I have also shot the song there. Especially I and Barsha took part in an Iranian song.

He also said that, the rest of the picture will be shot in Turkey. The remaining part of the film will be finished in the upcoming Eid-ul-Azha holiday.

Iranian director Mustafa Ottash Zamzam is directing ‘Day: The Day’ in joint production with Iran. Ananta said that the film is planned to release this year.

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