Anti-VC movement goes on at JU, protesters reject hall vacant

:: JU correspondent ::

The protesting teachers and students of Jahangirnagar University (JU) on Wednesday continued ongoing movement against Vice Chancellor Prof. Farzana Islam demanding her removal from VC post.

Violating the cut out date to leave the halls, the agitating students have come out on the streets. The students of all the residential halls have joined the movement. A portion of the university teachers are also with the agitating students.

The VC, however, claimed she could not resign as per student demand, but only by direction from the chancellor or the prime minister on the basis of graft allegation prove.

Earlier, On November 5, authorities have decided to shut down university for an indefinite period amid student protests demanding removal of VC Prof Farzana Islam cantering a clash between BCL and the protestors.

As a part of the movement, protesting teachers and students organized a solidarity rally in front of old administrative building on the campus on Wednesday.

They assembled at the Shaheed Minar where they joined by the teachers. The students have become ready with banner and festoons. The agitating students have also brought out processions protesting the attack on them by the activists of Chattra League on Tuesday and also the orders of vacating the halls.

The protesting teachers at the rally said that Vice Chancellor was afraid to investigate the corruption allegations against her. She did not care to any demands and movements of the protesters. When the teachers and students were finally standing in front of his residence demanding her removal, she used activists of Chhatra League to attack us. After this incident, Professor Farzana Islam cannot be the Vice-Chancellor of University. Besides, she lost his right to teach as a teacher.

Former Proctor of the university, Prof Tapan Kumar Saha said, “I worked as the Proctor of the University for four years but never needed to bring down special student organizations to stop any movement. So Why now! I was saddened by yesterday’s incident. The vice-chancellor called it a ‘mass uprising’ after teacher students were assaulted. It is really unfortunate to be a student and teacher of this university after such activities. It is our responsibility to protect our university.”

Earlier on Tuesday night the students of various halls including female students came out to express solidarity with the agitating students breaking the locks of hall gate.

Meanwhile, Prof Bashir Ahmed, president of the Provost Committee, has ordered the evacuation of all residential halls within 3.30 pm on November 6. He said that after this period, the agitators, the general students and the leaders and activists of BCL will not be able to stay in the halls. Police will conduct a search if it required.
Replying to a question as to whether the hall vacant will be implemented with the help of the police, Acting Proctor ASM Firoz Ul Hasan said, “We have not made any such decision yet. However, we have to do it if it needed.”
Meanwhile, hundreds of armed policemen were seen in front of the VC’s residence. Talking to an armed policeman, it is reported that they are trying to prevent any untoward incident.

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