Bangladesh desperately wants to win

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Test cricket in Bangladesh has crossed the eighteen years in the nineteenth year. Such milestones are very proud for the country’s cricket. In this eighteen year, the story of how much is not available for the sake of Bangladesh cricket and supporters.

The story of disappointment did not leave the Test team even after a day. Test series against Zimbabwe in the country’s two-Test series. In the first match of Sylhet’s eight-year rule, the pressure of hard-hitting players and supporters.These forgetfulness will be played again in the morning to play the second Test.

The desperate Bangladesh team will be desperate to win the match. At any cost, you have to win.
Bangladesh’s acting captain Mahmudullah Riyad has announced plans and hopes for the final test in the previous press conference.

Zimbabwe tourists went on to win 1-0 in the first match Sylhet’s unbeaten wicket, Bangladesh could not show their capability, but Zimbabwe could have done the right thing. The group is Zimbabwe, that’s not exactly what Riyadh will show.
Riyadh says how we see Australia or England as opposed to Zimbabwe. Those who play well in the field, they are the best team.

The Bangladesh team, losing the first match back to the back wall, Captain looking for ways to get out of it.
“We were all sitting after the match in Sylhet. Have tried to point out, where is the problem and the way to fix it or what Also talked with team management. We are trying to come back strongly.
Riyad’s fight is not only for the team but also to get the fight back. Seeing the stats of the few Test matches, Riyad will also get a place in the Test team.

Riyad said himself, I am the leader of the party. Wherever I am encouraging everyone, if I am bad, then I will embarrass others. My goal is to do well in batting. Because I’m batting. I will try my best in this match so that I can give something like this to the team.

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