Bangladesh-Myanmar face to face in Olympic-picking football

:: Peoples Time Online ::

Experiences and FIFA Ranking – Women are ahead of football all over Myanmar ahead of football The girls of Bangladesh have never played this country before. Sabina-Krishnara is going to play the Olympic Games football season on Thursday with a match against a completely unknown and strong opponent.

Although Bangladesh is not the first participant in Olympic football, the opponents of Myanmar and the fight between the national team of both countries are afraid of Golam Rabbani Chotaonan’s team. The match will start at Thuunna Stadium, Yangon, at 5.00pm in Bangladesh.

Captain Sabina Khatun said, “Myanmar is a very strong team. We will play against them for the first time. We want to play good matches against the hosts. We aim to do something good by playing with our best. We pray for the countrymen so that we can play the best.

Myanmar coach said, “Bangladesh is now a well-organized team. That’s right, they’re behind us in the experience But there is a chance for them to reach the second round.

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