Bangladesh to support Gambia to take Rohingya issue to ICJ

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Bangladesh will extend its all-out support to Gambia as it is playing the lead role in taking the Rohingya issue to the International Court of Justice (ICJ) for establishing the legal rights of Rohingyas and addressing the question of accountability and justice.

“We’ll provide whatever support they need. We believe, justice should prevail and no one should be given impunity,” Foreign Minister Dr AK Abdul Momen told reporters at state guesthouse Padma on Friday.

He said there has been much repression on Rohingya people, and Gambia is working to ensure the accountability for those who are responsible. “Anybody involved in criminal activities should be punished.”

Bangladesh is now hosting over 1.2 million Rohingya people in Cox’s Bazar district and majority of them have come since August 25, 2017.

In a major diplomatic breakthrough in March, the Organization of Islamic Cooperation (OIC) unanimously adopted a resolution to move the ICJ for establishing the legal rights of Rohingyas.

The resolution to pursue a legal recourse through the ICJ came after a long series of negotiations to seek accountability for crimes committed against humanity and gross violation of human rights in the case of then Rohingyas in Myanmar. Gambia led the process with a ten-member high-powered ministerial committee.

Gambian Foreign Minister Tangara said they are committed and ready to work very closely with Bangladesh to find a solution to Rohingya crisis.

Gambia has adequate lands with lower number of population where Bangladesh is looking for exporting pharmaceutical products. “We both have committed that we would help our countries prosper, we will work together. We’ve been supportive to each other,” said Dr Momen.

The Gambian Foreign Minister said there are lots of opportunities that the two countries can tap together.

He said Bangladesh did extremely well in the past. “Your resilience and commitment to some of the very noble causes in the international fora deserve respect.”

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