Bazar24 Limited going for a river cruise on Friday

:: Financial correspondent ::

Online-based product marketing company Bazar24Limited has already gained the trust and confidence of its consumers across the country. To encourage more than 500 dealers, officials and employees of Bazar24 Limited from across the country are going for a day-long river cruise on Friday

Chairman of Vorer Pata Group of Industries and Kazi Group of Industries, Chairman of Bazar24Limited, FBCCI Director, Founder Chairman of Iran Bangladesh Chamber of Commerce and Industries Dr. Kazi Ertaza Hassan said that through this river cruise, a tie-up will be built up between Bazar24Limited’s dealers and officials-employees. From the Chairperson of Bazar24Limited to Peon, all are members of the same family. And the relationship between family members will be developed at this gathering.

In the same context, the CEO of Bazar24Limited Dr. Shafiqur Rahman said, Bazar24Limited is already working to develop the business across the country. At this gathering, we will seek guidance from the Company Chairman Dr. Kazi Ertaza Hassan about how we can do more to help the people of the country through our company.

More than 500 dealers, officials, employees of Bazar24Limited with their family members from across the country will join the all-day entertainment festival at 8am on Friday morning by an elegant launch from Sadarghat Naval Port.

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