BCB to take decision on BPL, head coach in two days

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Bangladesh Cricket Board (BCB) will take the important decisions over Bangladesh Premier League (BPL) and the appointment of the head coach for the national team within the next two days. The directors sat for discussion twice in Mirpur and Gulshan over the issues along with related to other issues but they didn’t reach any final decision regarding the matter.

BCB directors Jalal Younus and Mahbubul Anam informed media at Ivy Tower premises in the capital yesterday after coming out from the closed-door meeting. “Today we sat in Mirpur. Now we had sat with our board president. Actually we didn’t sit with any specific issue. We’d so many issues but we didn’t sit with him regarding any of these issues in the recent past,” said Jalal Younus.

“As some board directors thronged together, we informed him of these matters. Of them, we had coach issue. We’ve discussed with him about our recently-concluded series in Sri Lanka. We’d also some issues of our World Cup. BPL among these issues was there,” Jalal told media.

“We’ve discussed over the issues but we didn’t take any decision over it. You all know that we’ve got some BPL issues. We’ve to take decision over some BPL issues. After taking a decision, we will inform you within the next one-two days,” he added. Jalal said that they will take the final decision over the BPL issues by holding governing council meeting.

“There are some  rumours what we’ll clear you all within the next two days. There is nothing to share with you because we just discuss all the above matters. No decision was made in any such issue,” he said.

“Decision will be made tomorrow or the day after tomorrow. We’ll take decision by holding governing council meeting and then inform you about our decision. We’ll inform you at a time whatever issues you have,” he added.

When asked about the short list of head coach appointment, Mahbubul Anam said that they didn’t disclose it despite having the short list of it.

“President openly told that there is no discussion held over head coach Chandika Hathurusingha. What you hear that is hearsay. Let us do our work. Let us inform you the right thing,” he said.

“We’ve a short list of head coaches. But there is no way to disclose it. We’ll not talk about it at this moment. Just wait for the next two days,” he added.

“There is no timeline here. When we think we’ve got a fine coach, we’ll then disclose it.”

“Our Test Championship games are going to start in India. Our prime efforts will be managed head coach before that.

“The profile is not important. The quality of a coach is important here.

So, don’t talk about profile coach because you don’t see high-profile coach right now. We’ll pick him as a coach when the coach’s quality and our requirement will be matched.” “If we could finish the process of the appointment of the head coach, we’ll appoint coach before the series against Afghanistan. And if it’s not, then be patient.”

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