Benefactor Alhaz Nurul Islam

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A dedicated for human welfare, gifted guy prominent Alhaz Nurul Islam was born at Lohagara in Chittagong. Munificent Nurul Islam himself an institution now is an existing star. His altruist initiatives for the people of Chittagong matter a lot.

He established the only one Madrasa in south Chittagong named Adhunanagar Islamia Fazil(Degree) Madrasa from a zeal to spread and glorify Islamic education. Even it happened to be the best several times in south Chittagong according to the board of Madrasa education. Likewise, he established a welfare trust named by Ismael Anjuman Ara to glorify his parents. On that locality approximately 27 Moktobs are running funded by that Trust. Now there is a construction going on for college in Lohagara. Besides Amirabad Central Mosque he established many of the Mosques and Madrasa there.

Several welfare activities such as free ambulance service for the helpless in greater Lohagara is running under his supervision. Even his insolvent close relatives are given more than two thousands houses for a better living. There is a provision of food for free named Lillah Boarding in his established Madrasa. Moreover, especial donation for the poor widows for business is given by him.

We come to know that he is going to build a Ladies madrasa along with a maternity hospital in the following year. He is the proud disciple of peer-a-kamel late Maulana Habibur Rahman, ex principle of Chunti Hakimiya Aliya Madrasa.

Alhuj Nurul Islam is the founder of Dhaka-based Noman Group of Industries. His predecessors Noman, Jaber, Jobayer,Talha and Yasmin are dexterously in control of this as responsible. People’s affection let this industry win gold medals in the national level again and again.


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