Today, birthday of People’s Time Editor

‘Ke hai hridoy khure bedona jagate valobashe’……

Today is Saturday. Reader-acclaimed ‘Vorer Pata’,  ‘People’s Time’ and fortnightly Orthopata Editor and publisher Dr. Kazi Ertaza Hassan’s birthday. At 12.01 am Vorer Pata family took initiative to celebrate his birthday with cake and flowers but he with tearful eyes expressed his inability to celebrate the occasion. He said, ‘On 15 August in my editorial column I wrote why Allah sent me in the month of August, a mourning month of loosing father. I am pained, bereaved. So in this month there should be no celebration of my birthday.”

He said, “My father gave birth to me. I am grateful to him. But to the man who has given me an independent land-56 thousand square miles area, how can I be ungrateful to him? In this month of mourning I cannot celebrate my birthday with a broken heart. Those who do not love the country can do it.  Dr Kazi Ertaza Hassan has announced with tearful eyes that he will Untitled-2never celebrate his birthday in this mourning month. He expressed August as a month of bereavement and pain and that is why he has decided so. On 15 August, 1975 Bangabandhu was assassinated. On 17 August series bomb attack took place. On 21 August grenade attack took place at an AL meeting on Bangabandhu Avenue, killing 24 innocent people including IV Rahman and injuring 50 others. Sheikh Hasina had a narrow escape in the attack. Dr Kazi Ertaza Hassan didn’t agree to celebrate his scheduled birthday containing the mournful memory in the mind and to show respect to the killed. In our national life the month of August is really a month of mourning. There are many examples of mourning incidents.  The month is not only bearing the trouble of the country’s liberation and sovereignty but also introducing a malign chapter in the history of the country. There are many incidents including the pathetic killing of the father of the nation Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujibur Rahman centering the month of August. Are they forgettable into the abyss of oblivion? Never.  The Bangali nation will never forget it.  This question always chases us. The BNP-Jaamat alliance launched dangerous series bomb attack on 17 August through the emergence of the fundamentalist during the BNP regime. Question rises among the people, are we living in Afghanistan? Not really. The daughter of the democracy, Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina did not allow those evils. We hope she will never support these kinds of activities. She is always against the fundamentalists. The people of this country have an idea about the heinous attack of 21 August to kill the AL president Sheikh Hasina, the voice of working people, founder of middle income country and dreamer of digital Bangladesh. How will the nation forget the gruesome incidents taking place at Holey Artisan in Gulshan area and Sholakia? We express our heartiest tribute to the Editor for the decision not to observe his birthday in such a crisis period of the nation. The milestone he has installed by this, will be a glorious one to the people of Bangladesh.

August is our national mourning month. We lost our great leader, father of the nation Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujibur Rahman in this month. The most heinous killing of the world history occurred in this month. It is really the worst example in the history. August is a cursed month for Bengali nation. The amassed groan and moan of the nation roll down into Padma- Meghna-Jamuna. So it is not a day of festivity rather of groan, moan and remorse.

It is mentionable that Dr Kazi Ertaza Hassan was born in an eminent Kazi family of Kazipara of Sultanpur in Satkhira district. His father is Kazi Abdul Mannan and mother is Aziza Mannan. During his youth age he has established Vorer Pata group of companies including ‘The Daily Vorer Pata, ‘The Daily People’s Time’, ‘Fortnightly Arthopata’ Travels Automobiles and Housing, Zed International Ltd.(A TV channel). He is the chairperson of ‘Bangladesh Human Rights Development Commission’, ‘Padma Patron Ltd’, ‘Padma Global Business Center S L’, ‘Marbella Green City Ltd (Spain-Bangladesh joint venture), Padma Global Business center (Spain- Bangladesh joint venture)Niamul Maoa Housing Ltd, Carnival Motion Picture, Corum Finance service Ltd, The lawyers and Jurist, Creative Eye Ltd, ZES Trading Company Ltd, ZES Auto House Ltd, Bank credit management agencies association of Bangladesh, Foreign investors association of Bangladesh, ‘Bangla Radio Ltd’, Cell Corporation Ltd, Satkhira Power plant, Patron Ltd (US- Bangladesh joint venture) and Rupantor Design and Development Ltd. he is also the president of ‘Iran-Bangladesh Chamber of Commerce and Industries Ltd.’ and the senior vice president of ‘Singapore-Bangladesh Chamber of Commerce and Industries’, ‘Bangladesh Concrete Products and Bloc Manufacturers association.’ Mentioned that, Dr. Kazi Erataza Hassan, Editor of daily Vorer Pata, is also an honorable member of Dhaka Chambers of Commerce and Industries Ltd, Federation of Commerce and Industries and Northern University Bangladesh Ltd. His companies have also achieved fame through importing and exporting products in many countries including Europe. In the meantime under his editorship the newspapers have achieved popularity among the people.

As a man with modern consciousness and brightness, his identity is universally known. He has made available the popular dailies, People’s Time and Vorer Pata for every district, Upazila and village people. He is a brave pen-fighter for abused and oppressed masses. We wish him on his birthday on behalf of The People’s Time. We wish him long life. As well as we pray to the most Merciful, as in the past he may stay with the mass people in future. He has one child. His son, Dr. Zarjees Bin Ertaza with memorizing Holy Quran is studying in Canadian International School. Fearless journalist and human rights activist Dr. Kazi Ertaza Hassan got Bangabandhu Memorial Padak, Sheikh Russel Award, Mahatma Gandhi Award, Sahid Muktijoddha Sriti Sammanona, Atish Dipankar Gold Medal, Mother Teresa Gold Medal, Nelson Mandela Prize and many other for his contribution to the development of free journalism and human rights.

The People’s Time wishes his healthy, long, colorful and active life on this Birthday.