China, Singapore propose $1600m resort in Rakhine

:: Peoples Time Online ::

China and Singapore have jointly proposed a $1600 million development project in Rakhine, a western state of Myanmar. As part of this, representatives of Shanghai Bright Industry Limited of China and Huachen International Resources Limited of Singapore visited Rakhine’s capital.

Two delegation team met with Chief Minister Yu Niu Pew, appointed by the state’s National League for Democracy (NLD). However, the state government did not give any details of the project.

Myanmar-based media Iraboti said that Chua Hou Por, founder of Huachen International Resources Limited was the second-largest shareholder of the famous Peninsula Hotel Group. They operate a global hotel chain and make millions of dollars annually.

Chinese media South China Morning Post claimed in an article that Chu Hou Por has contacts with China and has deep ties with Li Jianshur, a reliable person of Chinese President.

Myanmar’s military has intensified its planned and structured violence after attacks on several security posts in Rakhine on August 2017. More than 740,000 people of Rohingya fled to Bangladesh to escape the violence and persecution like murder and rape.

According to the United Nations, a large amount of the Rohingya population fled to Bangladesh but more than 400,000 Rohingya still remain in Myanmar. The United Nations has considered the anti-Rohingya military operation in the country as ‘Ethnic destruction’.

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