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Do you remember the last session of the first day? Bangladesh went to tea-break with 216 runs for 3 wickets Five more wickets fell in the afternoon session. But batting at number 9 and 10 saved Taijul Islam and Naeem Hasan from being out of all out. Shakib Al Hasan, the hero of his heroism in the last session of the first day reminded him after winning. Naeem’s best choice Shakib, his courage!

Bangladesh won by 64 runs in a test match against West Indies in the third day on the third day in Chittagong. Taijul-Nayeem’s pair (65) took 1 more runs than Bangladesh won. Experienced Taejul’s pair with Ankit Nayeem did not play a lesser role than any of the spinners in this test match, it appeared in Shakib’s voice. Naeem was praised by the Bangladesh captain, who took 5 wickets in the debut innings of the debut Test debut innings, “In the first innings, Naeem was very good. And Naeem-Taijul’s little contribution in the bat with a little contribution is very remarkable in one word. As an inaugural match, I think Naeem has been bowling exceptionally well. Today, compared to yesterday’s, the wicket-less spinner was less supportive. There’s a lot of bowling there. I think he has a very good future. She may have to learn a lot early, play with them and learn them. The best thing to remember is that he is very brave.

A picture of Nayeem’s courage has become viral. Naeem took a lot of stance from the crease, without the armor. Shakib also said that Taajul, “His best aspect is to work with his own bowling and to do the impossible. And he got a wicket in the first innings, we bowed very well to the dressing room for his bowling. Everyone said that he was our best bowler in the first innings, even though the wicket has got one. There are times when a bowler is bowling very well but he is not getting wickets. On the other hand, one wicket or two of the bowler has been taken to the wicket and it has got wickets. We know those things, we appreciate the little thing in the dressing room. I am sure this is very well understood by our team management and players. He has been bowling very well. I would like to have a test in front of that and say in such a way. It’s not just an innings, it’s five wickets in two innings. ”

One of the hundreds who have been helpless in the Test against the bowlers but has scored a century. Shakib believes that Mominul has won the match award as a worthy man, Munimul played very well. We won small moments. It is very important for the match (match).

Today, on the third day, Shakib gave himself the start of the match. Two wickets in one over after taking one wicket. Shakib reached the milestone of 200 wickets and 3,000 runs as fastest all-rounder in Test history. In relation to this achievement Shakib seems to be lucky. The captain said to the team first, ‘I do everything I do for the team. Feel lucky to achieve all those achievements. Maybe there will be more success in the coming years.

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