Dr. Gautam Ghosh, Man with Personified Visionary

:: Dr. Subrato Ghosh ::

“Stars don’t beg the world for attention; their beauty forces us to look up.” Most of us knew Dr. Gautam Ghosh as an internationally renowned author, educationist, an advocate of merit, a researcher on counter terrorism -a reformer.

With his vast expertise in the field of Education, Human Resource Development, Law, Management & Politics -he is one of the most demanded resource personalities of Asia.

Dr. Gautam Ghosh (www.drgautamghosh.com) -is often called the moving think tank of Asia.

Dr. Ghosh is a multi dimensional public figure, a voracious speaker, a prolific author, social entrepreneur and an innovator, a philanthropist and an asset in every sense of the word.

His book titled “Police Accountability at the Cutting Edge Level” published in 2007 has  been  kept  in the many prestigious libraries  across  the  world, including  the  famous  Shanghai Library  of  China, which preferred to keep it as a prized collection. Shanghai Library was founded in 1952. Six years later, it became the second largest comprehensive public library in China after merging with three other libraries in Shanghai. In 1995, the Institute of Scientific and Technological Information of Shanghai was merged with Shanghai Library, “resulting in an advanced, comprehensive public library, the first ever in the country that combines public library services with SciTech and industry research information functions”.

A library is a curated collection of sources of information and similar resources, selected by experts and made accessible to a defined community for reference or borrowing. It provides physical or digital access to material, and may be a physical location or a virtual space, or both.

While today, Police oversight and accountability are hotly debated issues; more than a decade back, in 2007, Dr. Ghosh has visualized this and have chronologically analyzed the requirements of Police accountability in his book, the Chinese Scholars must have visualized the potentialities of Dr. Ghosh a decade back and have aptly decided to keep his book in their famous library.

Recent research on Chinese evaluations of police trustworthiness has revealed several interesting findings regarding factors affecting public trust and image.

Aware of the detrimental impact of low police legitimacy and public trust, the government has rolled out a number of measures, such as requiring video recording of criminal interrogation and police interaction with the public, to enhance police integrity and accountability.

Most strikingly, way back in 2007, Dr. Ghosh have pointed out that Civilian oversight has two important aims: ensuring public confidence in the police and achieving the rule of law. Public confidence in a police service helps the police service maintain public safety. The rule of law is also important because it’ is fundamental to good governance.

As an expert on Policing, Dr. Ghosh in his book, have precisely explained both the civilian-led oversight mechanisms as well as of the mechanism that investigates police officers whose actions led to the serious injury or death of an individual and of police officers who allegedly breaks the law. (Judicial Oversight) Dr. Ghosh has also highlighted the elements of Executive vis a vis the Parliamentary oversight of the police which embodies the ultimate democratic legitimacy as the Parliament exercise legislative, budgetary and monitoring functions before, during and after police actions.

The book is unique as it has put forth the importance of leveraging good police public relation which not only enhances the public perception of police legitimacy and trustworthiness and but also acts an essential tool of maintaining Police Accountability -In fact, Dr. Ghosh’s  idea of Public Participative Policing model (PPP- Model) is today -a role model for an accountable police service across the world .

We understand that -Think tanks are chiefly supposed to provide independent expertise to policymakers. But when they also seek to be politically relevant -often with classic ideas, it leads all around win win situations!!

In fact, this made us search more about this man -who is least seen, but most felt, across the Globe. He is known in the highest echelons -as the moving think tank -who can ensure win or defeat of major Political parties through his ever innovative methods.

Dr. Ghosh as i studied, is a man of knowledge- when one reads his Articles -one can fathom the depth of his vision, His strange posts (predictions) in social medias have made the most formidable intellegisias across the World to sit up the notable among them are the predictions of win of Donald Trumph, Valminder Putin, Giuseppe Conte of Italy 2018, Sheikhk Hasina of Bangladesh, Sri Narendra Modi with above 300 seats -which he made on 5th May 2019 by quoting in social media (Aab ki Baar -300 Paar -Modi Sarkar -Mera Pyaar) -well before the Election, he has even quoted the win of Imran Khan in Pakistan, win of Muhammadu Buhari from the All Progressives Congress (APC) as Nigeria’s President, Joko Widodo (Jokowi) of Indonesia, and lastly he has predicted the win of Justin Trudeau -with a poem! “Can you hear the chine? Its Justin Trudeau this time” -isnt it too strange!!

His skills in knowing people, building alliances, having strategic direction and thereof, aligning different interests, goals, and motives to a particular goal is highly appreciated. He has “The ability to effectively understand others at work and to use such knowledge to influence others to act in ways that enhance one’s personal and/or organizational objectives”

In my secret research, as was I asked for, I found him to be a skilled individual who has demonstrated social astuteness through being perceptive observers of others and of social situations. He has fully understood the dynamics of social interactions and has accurately self-assessed his own behavior as well as that of others to show strong intrapersonal and interpersonal skills. He is a sincere man, who display high levels of integrity, authenticity, sincerity, and are genuineness, a man who is open minded, forthright, and inspire trust and confidence as a Politician, but still I feel strange at core of my heart as I could not fully understand how in one word -I can describe this Legendary Unique Gentleman!

Dr. Subrato Ghosh: Physician, Politician, Columnist & Social Worker

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