Dr. Kazi Ertaza Hassan back in country

:: Staff Correspondent ::

Vorer Pata Group of Companies and Bangladesh Human Rights Development Commission chairperson, FBCCI director, Bank Credit Management Agencies Association of Bangladesh and Foreign Investment Association of Bangladesh President, Iran Bangladesh Chambers of Commerce and Industries founding president, Bangladesh Sangbadpottro Porisad and Singapore and Bangladesh Chambers of Commerce and Industry senior vice president, Bangladesh Land Developer Association’s vice president and Daily Peoples Time and Vorer Pata editor-publisher Dr. Kazi Ertaza Hassan,CIP, has returned in country after his twelve-day visit. He went to USA as an entourage of Prime Minsiter Sheikh Hasina to attend the UN’s 72 general assembly and in UK for his business need.

The Qatar airlines carrying him landed at Dhaka’s Shahjalal International Airport around 5.PM on Friday. Returning home he expressed his visit feedback to journalist. He said this tour will help me to do something in the future. Bangladeshi Prime minister’s speech in UN was very important centering the current atrocities of Myanmar Army against the Rohingyas. Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina gave speech on 21 September at UN general assembly and the same day she made a bilateral meeting with UN general secretary Antonio Gueterrus. As an entourage Dr. Ertaza Hassan reported about the PM’s UN speech and tried to publish it soon. After the tour he went to UK. Dr. Kazi Ertaza Hassan gave an interview to UK’s private TV named ‘Channel S’ on 27 September. No political instability is seen in Bangladesh now. Investment friendly environment is existed here. Also the present Prime Minister and its government is very investment-friendly. Government has also put more importance on electricity and gas facilities for setting up industries including infrastructural development. Through supplying electricity in private sector government prefer this sector much.

He has been visiting different countries since the empowerment of Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina. Sometimes, at the invitation of the government or state heads for the development of bilateral relations, sometimes at the invitation of international organizations. And this time he also accompanying Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina like the past several times. Dr. Hassan exchanged views with senior journalists of the influential and widely publicized Bengali daily in London ‘Bangla Post’ on September 28. At this time, she said to the expatriate journalists that who are far from abroad leving mother, soil, they have to be more attentive towards the country.

Earlier, he joined the United Nations General Assembly in 2013, 2014 and 2015 with the Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina. Yesterday, after returning to the country, Dr. Hassan said, ‘This is another successful tour to keep in my mind in my life. Joining the United Nations 72th session with the Prime Minister and the commercial tour in London is really another delight for me. This tour has been very successful and fruitful. On the tour of London, he said that the two sides are being benefitted on this tour. That will be very useful for the country in their respective fields. The country’s leading and friendly relations will move forward.

Prior to joining the UN session on September 17, on a Qatar Airways flight at 3 am, Dr. Kazi Ertaza Hassan left Dhaka. Dr. Hassan along with leading business leaders of the country went to London for commercial purposes.

During the visit He met with the leaders of the multinational company in London. There was a meeting between business group of both the countries on free trade. This will be expected to facilitate the free trade route between the two countries. Dr. Kazi Ertazaa Hassan said referring, Bangladesh is known as the best friend of different countries in the world, “We have organized bilateral B-2B (Trader to trader) meeting with Bangladeshi businessmen according to the purpose of our visit. These meetings talked about the import and export of Bangladeshi businessmen with big businessmen in London. Bangladeshi businessmen got huge response in B-2-B, the commercial tour of the business has been fruitful’’.

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