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The Election Commission has decided to prepare 40,000 polling stations ahead of the 11th parliamentary election in which 104.2 million voters will take part.

“We have started the preparation for the national election. The commission approved the policy on Wednesday and it was then sent to field officials,” said EC Deputy Secretary Abdul Halim Khan.

The approval has already been sent to the field-level officers. In near future the authority concerned will identify the potential centers and a draft list of that will be prepared.

The draft list will be published by July while the all the objections to the voter list are supposed to be resolved by August.

In most cases, the polling centres are selected based on its easy access to people and geographical location. However, sometimes the candidates have different complaints or objections regarding the polling centre. Besides, locations of polling centres also change due to natural calamity or related things.

Therefore, changes are needed to be made almost every time and the EC has to take proper steps for it.

“As common practice, those polling centres used in previous elections remain on the list and active; but new polling cenres should be established if some of the previous centres are destroyed in river erosion or other disasters,” said Khan, deputy secretary of the EC.

The gazette notification on the approved polling stations will be published 25 days prior to the 11th national election.

The national election is supposed to be held anytime between October 30, 2018 to January 28, 2019. Earlier in 10th general election, there were 37,707 centres and 189,078 booths for 91.9 million of voters.

This time Bangladesh will require at least 3,000 more polling centres than in the last election held in 2014 as there will be around 104.2 million voters in this election.

Source: Ittefaq

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