‘999’ another landmark in IT

:: Dr. Kazi Ertaza Hassan ::  

The government has initiated a national help line ‘999’. The number could be used in emergency situations like for receiving assistances from police forces or for fire-related incident prevention or getting emergency ambulance service. Sajeeb Wazed Joy, the IT advisor for the Prime Minister, inaugurated the service at the Crime Command and Control Center on Tuesday last. The inauguration is considered another milestone in the IT sector.

The people could easily get in touch with the pace that the government is moving on with this service. The law and order situation in the country has improved to a noted extent and people will have the best service from the help line. People could have instant solution of police and ambulance related issues.

Often the citizens are to undergo harassment while making a complaint or a GD at the police stations and with the service, there would be no such matters in future. The service will also improve the fire service for the people in case of fire incidents. Besides, the critical patients will get the necessary ambulance service whenever they need it. But some points need to be remembered that it should not be used for bad attempts. The law enforces should take strict actions against the misuse of the service. It is expected that the service will be a sign of trust and reliability for people.