Digital world and our preparation

:: Dr. Kazi Ertaza Hassan ::

A wide number of business entrepreneurship has been developed in the country based on Facebook which was unimaginable around a decade ago. Many such examples are available. The expansion of humane relation expansion has touched the country in line with technological expansion. The internet has brought a huge change and differences have been created in worlds like physical, virtual and living. The changes are influencing our entire life. The chance to enter this new revolution began with the declaration of the Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina on December 12 in 2008. We are preparing ourselves with the directed ways of Sajeeb Wazed. In fact, this is unimaginable that where the civilization will stop its journey in future or the technological advancement because a new world has been unveiled. Expansion of 3G mobile network, submarine cable and six terrestrial cables have made a multifarious internet connection. Consequently, the number of the internet users is on the rise. The number of internet users has reached to 80 million and by 2021 everyone will have access to internet.

Trading and commerce has become easier – a few click away. Thus the government offices have been enlisted in the thread and already 18,132 government offices have been brought under ‘Government Internet’ list. Even the union-level offices will also come under this net, shortly.

Broadband internet connection has given access to the main street of knowledge to our students. The universities in the country will get 129 specialized labs for higher research and analysis. It is happening gradually because this is an ongoing process.

It was supposed that Bangladesh will never turn into a high-tech industry, and the people will remain in the consumer level. But due to the progressive and modern leadership of the Prime Minister and the ICT advisor of the Prime Minister, a new culture has started journey ‘Made in Bangladesh’. We are also inspiring by a 10 per cent cash incentives for IT ITS export to build a strong base of ICT in the country. Besides, to 28 high-tech and software parks are underway to accommodate local and international manufacturers. Already the software park in Dhaka has been launched and gradually the parks will be built in the other districts.