Election manifesto: Not entertainment, responsibility expected

:: Dr. Kazi Ertaza Hassan :: 

In every election, a written manifesto use to be read on behalf of the participating political parties, from which the people may choose public-friendly one as next government. Though it is a matter of great question that how much conscious the people about it. As there is a practice to give a political party’s mandate during the election, it is to be given. But we think that people should not be fooled, cheat and become stupid also. Manifestos need not to be implemented 100 percent. Election manifesto is the vision of the future government on behalf of a political party. It is limited to five years. According to the constitution, people send them to power for that ‘five years’, not for hundred years. We see that in 1954, the United Front had declared their 21st point which was the main reason behind their historic victory. There were many commitments such as democracy, non-communalism, scientific education for all, liberation of leaders, and the recognition of Bangla as the state language. Promise In fact the commitment of the political party to the voters. But candidates use to forget this.

They have so many mischief promises to solve people’s problem and the development that needs hundreds of years to fulfill. People are going to send them to power for only five years. Why he is promising such a false? We believe that publication of election manifestos cannot be restricted to just one practice. It should be a documentary proof of a nation’s future.

If constructive discussion and critique become possible in the society, the foundation of democracy will be strengthened. The media, civil society and experts should to discuss on it. Whether it is in electronic media or in print media or online media. Those discussions, judicial analyzes should also be transparent. As a result, it will be able to mature the voters. We hope that it will also be helpful in creating a healthy election environment.