Electricity Fees Hike: Why rural Bangla being exploited?

 :: Dr. Kazi Ertaza Hassan ::

Question always remains centering the fees of electricity. The concern authority raised the price of electricity every year.  This question is available among the urban people. The government raised the retail price of electricity again. Including this present government raised the fees of the electricity in eight times in its two phases. It is an extra burden for the people. Few days ago the fees have risen. Within a short time of span which excuse worked for increasing the fess again.  The government raised the power tariff by 5.3 per cent or Tk 0.35 per unit on average, which will come into effect from December.

So on an average raised power tariff by Tk. 6.50 to Tk. 6.86 per unit. But this price has fixed from Tk. 3.5 to Tk.16 regardless of subscribers and phases. People have to pay the hike price from the coming December. Not only the general people but also industry of the country will face a great harm after the raised fees. This is the highest rate of price increase among the distributing companies. But consumers of ‘Dhaka Power Distribution Company’ (DPDC) and ‘Dhaka Electric Power Supply Company’ (DESCO), who are in charge of supply electricity for Dhaka, have the least increase of electricity price. Prices for DPDC consumers has increased as high as 2.29% and for DESCO consumers 1.52%. But rural areas are economically weaker than urban areas.

Why this discrimination, why people of the capital would get the most privilege but villagers, those who have the least income, have to pay the most? So people of this country are divided into two groups? This double standard reminds us of the discriminatory policies of former Pakistani rulers. We demand the end of this double standard of ‘Bangladesh Energy Regulatory Commission’ (BERC) immediately. We are whole-heartedly expecting that respective authority will move away from this ‘cheating project’ and withdraw this repressive, discriminatory system for Bangabandhu’s rural Bangla.