EVM in Six seats: Voters should be kept free from enigma

:: Dr. Kazi Ertaza Hassan ::

Now Bangladesh is not in the last century. Although the new century was started by the BNP leaded grand alliance. They were just clinging to the last century. They used to be terrified about the use of modern technology in this new century. As a result, no development by modern technology touched the country. But Awami League government took the project to create ‘Digital Bangladesh’ with the slogan ‘Day of change’, the nature of the country changed overnight. At the same time, the modern technology became one after another. As a replacement of latest technology, the electronic voting machines (EVMs) are being used in all the six central constituencies of the city corporation or city area. With the help of the Armed Forces, voting will be held in EVM at all centers of 48 parliamentary seats. From the beginning of the use of EVM, there was an objection among political parties outside the ruling party. A lame excuse the uttered that rigging is possible in the election through EVM. Even before the election, there was some uncertainty in the parliament due to the lack of access to EVM law. But in the cabinet meeting, the use of EVMs was overcome after the policy and final approval of the draft of the Representation of the People Act.

According to the EC’s 40th meeting, an estimated 900 centers will be voted to the machine. But we noticed the tendency of spreading a wrong idea among voters about voting in the machine. The Election Commission will now have to take responsibility for this. To this end, the Election Commission may be present in front of voters with EVMs in their own initiative. Especially in those constituencies where the EVMs will be held, can be displayed EVMs in government holidays to voters. If there is any misconception about the EVM, then it will be removed. In modern times, EVM is relevant; it will have to show the ability to convey the voters. It should be remembered that even though many water grows, this election is going to be held by all parties.

Therefore, the responsibility of making this election free from all questions in the country and abroad is largely on the Election Commission. Because, how can the power change, no one can predict. In this regard, the famous author Albert camus said, “No one can say for sure how the power comes from.” For this reason, believers use to say that Allah, the owner of the power. The EC will also have to remember it. They should not do any work, that ethics can be questioned. All action by the commissioners should such a way that they are not involved as agents of any particular political party.

Now we hope that the EC will free the voters from all the controversy about EVM. Also, the EC should take all necessary measures to hold the fair elections and this is our expectation.