Fix pry teachers’ pay scale gap

:: Dr. Kazi Ertaza Hassan :: 

Teachers are the builder of a nation and if they are to move go for movement to get their rights, everything becomes meaningless. A recent movement about filling up the salary disparities of the primary school teachers has held in the Central Shaheed Minar and that resulted in an indefinite hunger strike. Few of the strikers went sick and the minister for education ended the strike. The minister ensured that their demand will be met after discussion. But the ordinary teachers have become displeased about calling the hunger strike off.

They are demanding that their salary should be kept below a grade of the head teacher. But at present, the head teachers get the salary over three grades than the salary of the trained assistant teachers. The trained assistant teachers get the salary of Tk 12,500 which is under the 11th grade. So, there are some gaps between the salaries and their grades. And the teachers have started a movement about the issue. Besides, the non-MPO teachers have also started their movement to get some rights. In fact, the recent movement trend of the teachers should be justified – either it is excess or needs a real attempt to solve. We should keep in mind that the liberation war took place to remove all the disparities and if this discrimination prevails even after the independence, there are no values of independence.

If the father of the nation Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujibur Rahman was alive, all such discriminations would have been vanished. We are misfortunate that the father of the nation was killed. But the daughter of the father of the nation Sheikh Hasian will take attempts to make a society free of such troubles, and that should be not only in the trained assistant teachers but also in all the other sectors where financial inequality is found.