Genome sequence discovery of ‘Dhayincha’: Success should be ongoing

:: Dr. Kazi Ertaza Hassan ::  

The scientists of Bangladesh are now inventing a surprising one after another. And it has been proven that Bangladesh is not even backward in merit. If there is enough facility, then this country can give a lot to the world. Although vegetative, though ‘Dhayincha’ Jute’s maternal cousin, its admiration is far less than that. As ‘golden fiber’ jute is adorned, but as ‘green fertilizer’ ‘Dhayincha’ completely neglected. That is why, when a worker is neglected in politics, he complains with anger to others reciting, ‘ am I a ‘Dhayincha’? The neglected ‘Dhayincha’ should return to a good day.

We welcome the scientists of Bangladesh Jute Research Institute concerned for this. Besides, we also want to thank the present government. After achieving a code number from the American Biotechnology Information Center, as release of Jute Sequence, the benefits of financial and policy support are now at our fingertips. Due to the formula of jute, now the life-mystery of Dhayincha was also exposed. Now it is no longer saying that if this cooperation is going on from the policy stage, it will be easy to unravel the mystery of other crops of our own.

Now it is necessary to enjoy the benefits of these successes. In the past, Dhayincha was as a neglected plant; its attention should be paid to its cultivation from now on. We believe that news of expansion of the GNOME Code is inspirational. So keep in mind the additional responsibility. It is also true that the farmers are not as enthusiastic as cultivating Dhayincha due to limited cash flow.

Where the land of grain production is limited, it is difficult to find out the land for it. But if we want to keep the fertility of this delta land; If we want to reduce reliance on destructive chemical fertilizers; There is no alternative to growing Dhayincha cultivation. We must remember that almost all the discovery of science brings human welfare. Not  to harm our nature . Now if its cultivation is not extended to use as a green fertilizer, there is no doubt the importance of this discovery will die on the field,