Great Victory Day Today: Bangladesh without discrimination untouched yet

:: Dr. Kazi Ertaza Hassan :: 

Today is the great Victory Day. A day as an absolute happiness in the life of Bengalis. The day after which the Bengalis have to wait to overcome through numerous eras. After that thousands of years, the day had been written in gold after the bloody war of nine months in 1971, on 16th December. On this day, Pakistan army was forced to surrender. Along with that, the whole Bangladesh had burst with victory. The red-green flag was flying in the free-air of Bangladesh. On the historic Racecourse grounds of Dhaka (Suhrawardy Udyan) 42 years ago, the barbarous Pakistan army stood bow down with their arms in front of the victorious heroes of Bangladesh. The sign of the worst pitiable defeat was signed. On the map of the world the independent Bangladesh was born. The sacrifice of 30 luck martyrs and the happiness of the two luck mothers and sisters, in the exchange of honor, along with joy, the pain will also ring on the Bengalis chest. The trial of the Razakars and Al-Badors as collaborator and war criminals who became increasingly popular day by day started in the month of independence in March 2010.

After all, many of these war criminals were executed with various executions. The memorial of the martyrs filled with respect to all the memorials of the country. In the capital, countless people of all ages assembled at the National Memorial in Savar. The veneration of the shrine is covered with crowd. The red-green flag flies today at home and on the top of all institutions. There is a red ribbon on the head of the flag. The main streets and roadways of major cities of the country including the capital is being decorated with flag. Today is a public holiday. On the occasion of the Great Victory Day, President Abdul Hamid, Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina and opposition leader Rowshan Ershad gave separate statements.

We remember the brave freedom fighters, who fought with life-time. We remember that millions of people of that time, who did not face the torture and oppression of the raiders but were resident outside the house, had spent the night in forests, and did not want to eat but served to the freedom fighter at one time. All of them are extremely worship able to us and to the next generation. We cannot deny that we are far away from the discrimination free society. For the sake of democracy, they fought life-long due to the establishment of a discriminatory society system. We should always keep it in mind. As long as this distance will exist, whatever we say about this day, discrimination free Bangladesh will be ‘the only thing to be said’.