Hattrick win of Sheikh Hasina by Ballot Revolution Expected

:: Dr. Kazi Ertaza Hassan ::

December 30, 2018 Election of the Eleventh Parliament. And this election is for the continuation of development. There are 10 million voters in the country who are willing to tribute as return to Awami League government for the development in the last term. In particular, three and a half million new voters will vote for development, all of which have been surveyed. My expectations are similar. The youth will build a developed, prosperous Bangladesh in the future. And with that aim, Awami League will again come to power through ballot revolution during the festival of voting.

Awami League has recorded as fulfill the 81 percent of its election manifesto. It is also expected to the people that if they come to power again the rest of 100% will be fulfilled. For the development of Bangladesh, there is no alternative to the unity of the power of the war of liberation by preserving the continuity of the trial of war criminals. Bangladesh is now in a position to implement megaproject like Padma bridge without any foreign funding. Navigation will go on the Padma Bridge next year. Besides, one of the biggest achievements of the government is to bring 80 percent of the people under the power of electricity. Whereas, the main opponent of the Awami League pledged thousands of crore money by establishing cable post in the name of electricity. Awami League government led by Sheikh Hasina has implemented the long-awaited land boundary Agreement by constructing deep sea port achieving maritime boundary.

This is a shameful event for the independent Bangladesh’s politics, where it was not only politically rehabilitated by the opponents of the identified independence but also give them the National Flag in their car. But Sheikh Hasina’s government has judged the razakars, hanging them in the gallows and rescued the nation.

Terrorism militancy was one of the major levels during the four-party alliance government after 2000. Then militancy was raised across the country in such a way that no man was safe with them. But after the 2008 Awami League-led government came to power, it gradually reduced them and now they have tried to bring it down to zero quotas. At present, the work of their elimination is going on. It is expected that if this government is in power in the future, it will be possible to stop it altogether.

For example, the per capita income. In the decade of 1990, it was less than 300 US dollars. $ 560 in 2006, $ 710 in 2009 and 1752 US dollars in 2018.  Foreign invested $ 456 million in 2006, $ 96.1 million in 2009 and 300 million US dollars in 2018. Export revenues were $ 1.05 billion in 2006, $ 1.26 billion in 2009 and $ 41.1 billion in 2018. Foreign currency reserve was 0.34 billion dollars in 2006, $ 1.0 billion in 2009 and 33 billion US dollars in 2018.

Remittance income was $ 48 billion in 2006, 97 million dollars in 2009 and $ 149 million in 2018. Maternity leave has increased from 4 months to 6 months. Agricultural subsidy amounted to Taka 0 million, Taka 5785 crore in 2009 and 10376 crores in the year 2018. Electricity generation in 2006 was 3378 MW, 4942 MW in 2009 and 20430 MW in 2018

Poverty rate was 41.5% in 2006, 34% in 2009 and 21.8% in 2018. High poverty rate was 24.2% in 2006, 19.3% in 2009 and 11.3% in 2018. Remittance income was $ 48 billion in 2006, 97 million dollars in 2009 and $ 149 million in 2018. The rate of growth was 6.63 in 2006, 5.74 in 2009 and 7.86 in the year 2018. In the World Economic Forum, the gender gap index was ranked 91st in 2006, 93th in 2009 and 47th in the year 2018. Average life expectancy is 65.46 in 2006, 66.8 in 2009 and 72.1 years in 2018.

I firmly believe that for the sake of the development of all the conscious voters of Bangladesh, the Awami League will again be brought to power by ballot revolution. Only then the unity of power of the pro-liberation forces will become a developed and prosperous country. Insha’Allah, Sheikh Hasina will once again be elected in the continuation of the development of the country as the Prime Minister for Third Time. Joy Bangla, Joy Bangobondhu, Joy Sheikh Hasina.

Authors: Sub-Committee Member of Awami League Central Industrial Trade and Religious Affairs.