Implementation of Martyrs’ dream is a must

:: Dr. Kazi Ertaza Hassan ::

Liberation is the best word for every nation and December 16th is a red letter day for the countrymen. It is the day when nation achieved freedom from suffering. In fact, this has been a long desired day for the Bengali people and came forward to sacrifice their lives. It marks our victory. The name of Bangladesh appeared on the world map as an independent nation.

In fact, liberation requires sacrifices. Each of the countries has their own histories of longer movement and bloody war. The history is the same for us too. The Bengali people had to struggle with numerous rulers and dynasties to get the freedom.

The movement of liberation became finalized in 1971 on the Racecourse field. The speech of the father of the nation on March 7 in 1971 was a landmark that inspired the people to move into a war for liberation. He said, “The struggle this time is for emancipation! The struggle this time is for independence!”

Later the Pakistani military forces attacked the helpless people and Sheikh Mujib was arrested and taken to Pakistan. The mass killing triggered the liberation war and even women came forward to participate in the war.

Liberation is the name of eternal culture of the country that we are accustomed to from past thousand years. After a bloody battle of nine months, we achieved the freedom and finally got the country – Bangladesh on 16th December in 1971. Therefore, the date is the final address for the Bengali people. It refers to a humane land, and a red-green flag. Salute to all the martyrs in the liberation war.