International Women’s Day : Proper Women’s empowerment Expected

:: Dr. Kazi Ertaza Hassan ::

International Women’s Day observed worldwide following the theme “Think Equal, Build Smart, Innovate for Change”. On this occasion, sloganeering took place in government and non- government initiatives. Celebration and pleasure rally, women marathon, rituals and discussion meeting were there. This year, the prognosis of women announced in Bengali has been inspired by the Bangladesh Ministry of Women’s Affairs. In the Nationwide declaration, however, it has been said that there is more direct gender equality. We believe that this theme is bound to be a reason for Bangladeshi. We have observed that in the last two and a half decades, Bangladesh has been serving by women’s prime minister and Opposition Leader.

In the Parliament, we have a Speaker, who is also a woman. In fact, one woman is one of the main political parties outside the parliament. It is said that women’s participation in parliament, minister, administration in the third party is very encouraging for Bangladeshi reality. After introduction of reservation seats for women in parliament and local government, women’s reservation has been increased in the center and grass level. Empowerment of women also outside of the politics is today. In the bureaucracy, the highest post as a secretary, once the woman is almost unimaginable. In the later years, the introduction was limited in the Ministry of Women and the Children. The number of women mentioned in the district administration or the upazila will be the responsibility of the people. Last year, we got a woman Major General in military for the first time. After the independence, thousands of women are serving with responsibilities in Police with the upper roles. We got women also in the BGB.

However, the big question is how important role the women are playing to take part on the state and political leadership. It has been seen in a report that, as empowerment in the Military, Bangladesh is not in 80th of the whole world. It is really embarrassing that how far the empowerment of women can be. We cannot even answer the question that how much acceptance of women’s contribution in our society and the country? At the same time, the question of inequality and unity is unacceptable. How much balance needs between women and men in the workplace, everyone should think to solve the problem. This is our expectation in this special day.