Co-existence on the campus: Should be ‘lesson’ to old politicians

:: Dr. Kazi Ertaza Hassan :: 

Surrounding the forthcoming DUCSU election on March 11, the joyous atmosphere of Dhaka University campus continues. Students are excited with the new enthusiasm. In this context, on Wednesday, the Madhur Canteen took the form of a joyous gathering of different groups and student organizations. Nine years later, the leaders of the country’s largest student organization Jatiyatabadi Chhatra Dal came in the canteen. The leaders and activists of Bangladesh Chhatra League, the country’s second most popular organization, welcomed them. They serve sweets each other.

On this day there was also the presence of the leaders and workers of the student union and other student organizations. As a result, we want to see the co-existence of student organizations in Dhaka University as positive. DUCSU elections are going to be held in the first half of next month after the two-decade of unpredictable ban. Once it was known as ‘mini parliament’. In this election, the demand for co-existence of the campus for the purpose of creating all the student organizations to participate in an electoral environment arises.

The Dhaka University campus has been occupying the organization of the group which has been in the government for more than two decades. Others have been treated with apparently banned organizations. Last Wednesday, the start of the co-existence of two major student organizations Chhatra League and Jatiyatabadi Chhatra Dal in Madhur Canteen, has now ended the last negative trend. Besides, the meeting was held not only on the table, but also a press conference from the Chhatra Dal. They thanked everyone for starting positive politics in the campus.

Now we hope that this trend will continue. Our old politicians get immeasurable lessons from this section. We believe that the university administration will ensure the required environment of DUCSU elections to be fairly with participation of all parties. Need to remember, it should be considered as their duty. The example of the Chhatra League-Chhatra Dal that raised the issue of the ever-hostile politics of old age in front of the country. This may be an example for the old politicians.