Kulkhani Tragedy : Mourns over mourn

:: Dr. Kazi Ertaza Hassan ::

There are some death incidents that shocked  people’s  hearts severly. Yesterday, ten people have died in stempede during the Kulkhani program of former deceased Chittagong city corporation mayor ABM Mohiuddin Chowdhury. It makes us so much upset. ABM Mohiuddin Chowdhury was very popular in his life and it was proved by the particiapnats. Organizers have to frustrate to control the particiapnt who came to participate in the Mezban Kulkhani programe from the remote place of the country.

Failuring control the huge gathering ten people have died.  We convey our sincere condolences to the bereaved family. We hop they will be able to overcome this grief soon. But I want to say something about the organizers. We know how much hospitable the former Myar was. There was a much talked that no one back from the hosue of the mayor without eating. There was a regular cooking for party leaders and workers. We will not be able to find anyone like him in the home of any leader in whole of Chittagong. Those who were in the managing committee know how much popular he was. So they should have to understtod how many people will participate in the kulkhani.