Media’s role in the development Should not lost the way by ‘information terrorism’

:: Dr. Kazi Ertaza Hassan ::

Election campaign has started in full swing. The festivity in election will be found largely in the rural area, mufassail city or district towns. Luke warm as early winter has started. Discussion of election calculations in small tea stalls growing up in the afternoon. But does this electoral heat exchange in Bangladesh affect any party or group of people? It hadn’t happened in the past. But it changes a little also passively. And that is how many sectors affecting the election by them and how much of their gentle swings or jerk has been able to their decision-making for vote. The mass media has an important role in this relation, whether it is the print media or the electronic media.

Undoubtedly this media is going to have a big impact in this election. What is that? Will this media play an important role in the advancement of development or will it push the country in the face of uncertainty on the pretext of democracy? There is no doubt that Bangladesh’s unprecedented development under the dynamic leadership of Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina will be there. Bangladesh is now the role model of development in the international world. This is what we see in poor Africa, Russia, the hungry Latin America, the war-torn Middle East, the dictatorship of North Korea, the poor Asia, the modern Balkan, the dirty Caucasus. All negative news And the more positive news it is in Western Europe and North America. What is the reason? The reason is that from the source we get the news of the alleged world news that three hand-picked news agencies as AFP, AP, Reuters. And these three states are the world’s most terrible radical states. They produce propaganda and create an invisible colony in the distant human brain from actual data.

This resulted in the creation of another intellectual bondage. However, the media of Bangladesh must also pass an ordeal ahead of the forthcoming parliamentary elections. That is, whether they will accompany the advancement of development or will again be accompanied by an uncertain Bangladesh by presenting the Information Dialogue.. But we must keep in mind that these international media never spread such information against their own country so that their development might be delayed. Hopefully, the media of our country will receive at least such education from them. Otherwise, they should also remember that the law has already been enacted to prevent this information. This has been made in the interest of the development of the country. So, keeping in mind for our forthcoming election. Our media should not put axes on our own feet. The country’s development cannot stop again. Let’s not go back to an uncertain future.