Now Strong foundation needs for sustainable development

:: Dr. Kazi Ertaza Hassan :: 

There is no reason for anyone to doubt that the progress made in the last 10 years is a result of skillful handling by the present government. Although there were various international surveys presented Bangladesh as lagging behind in the scale of all domestic and foreign investment. It is said that investment-friendly environment has not yet been created in Bangladesh. Because of this, foreign investors interested in the neighboring countries are preferred. Even after being a victim of civil war in Africa, Rwanda is now fur better than Bangladesh as attracting investment. It has been revealed a few days ago that in this case, the once-war-torn Afghanistan has also ahead of Bangladesh. There are still hundreds of horrific fundamentalists who have been subjected to regular suicide bombs. But Bangladesh is much more peaceful than Afghanistan. Still, why is the country not being more invested than those countries? As a result, it is a great challenge for Bangladesh now to create an investment-friendly environment to address this question. In the recent speech of Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina mentioned that the country is now giving importance to economic diplomacy rather than political diplomacy. Yes, in terms of economic diplomacy, Bangladesh is far behind than those countries. It is known that diplomats of Bangladesh are not very fluent and inherent in English. As a result, our diplomats are lagging behind in Linguistic Communication. Politics has a relationship with the character of democracy, state and the future of a country.

There was always a relationship between business and the people. Funds for the Politicians and parties all the world come from large groups of donations from the businessmen. Without providing money from the trader, politics would be absolutely stagnant. Bangladesh is not the exception.  In our country in the sixties, when a very few businessmen were in politics, but they were the source of funds for the political parties. In this time, the businessmen did not want to come to politics directly. Rather, he was against politics. Now, if businessmen on the one hand become politicians and on the other hand, they looking after their business, new investments. Who are these? The involvement of traders in politics has increased steadily and the political parties have been patronizing them. In the elections of 1954, only 4 percent of elected lawmakers were businessmen and industrialists. Businessmen and industrialists were 63 percent in the ninth parliament in 2009. After winning the election it becomes very easy to do business here. Due to the bad relationship, the entry of business enterprises has become difficult, which has the effect of disclosing personal information. This is the internal aspects of the country. And because of the fact that the investment here is not growing, but this politics Political uncertainty Lack of stability.

Above all, the failure of our diplomats. In this situation, we hope that besides providing proper advice to the Bangladeshi ambassadors and high commissioners working abroad, investment policy and relevant laws will be made easy in the country. Foreign investors are complaining like this. Not only that, this same complaint is also received from Bangladeshi investors or from the immigrant. Therefore, we believe that economic progress cannot be sustained without improving the investment situation. No matter how demographic is given in front of the election. In this situation, Bangladesh needs a strong foundation for sustainable development. And in the electoral outcome will be emphasized to the goal, which is expected to us.