Parental blessing brings victory

:: Dr. Kazi Ertaza Hassan ::

I met him in different national events and had little talks. But on the first meeting he said, “I have a similarity with you. We both love to smile”. Yes, I am talking about Annisul Haque, the Mayor of Dhaka North City Corporation. A kind of fellow feelings worked on me each time I met him. I felt a sense of inspiration!

I am sharing an event. I ran the FBCCI election this year against the post of Director, and did the same yesteryear. I lost the election for 70 votes last year and now it was important to me.

FBCCI election has a specific syndicate panel under a senior businessman made with different types of people and the panel was preferred by majority of the candidates. Nazrul Islam Mozumder, BABA and Exim Bank chairman and my well-wisher as well, suggested me to meet Annisul Haque. I went meeting with him at his City Corporation office – it was a wonderful place to visit. The office, located in Gulshan 2, was nicely decorated and significantly different from the other office. The wall paintings were amazing and I thought only a man with a good-heart can select such images.

I was thrilled with the greetings at the office until I met the Mayor. He depicted an exemplary cordiality. He told me, “Ertaza, I have a similarity with you. You always smile and me too.” I expressed my trust on him to make Dhaka a beautiful city. I also said that usually nice people, who work for the country, meet unwanted destiny. The dedicated soul smiled at my speech and remained silent for few moments. I told him about my FBCCI election and sought his supports. He advised me not to get involved in any panel and assured his assistance. He also ensured supports from his well-wishers. The Mayor informed me that an active person like me needs no panel and I must win the election. He opined that individuals like me should be on the platform, and did not forget to mention that influential people like Faruque Khan recommended me and it happened as I have the quality. He also expected my victory.

After winning the battle, he congratulated me heartily. He also expected that I would work for FBCCI.

Currently, I am honored everywhere and Annisul Haque had a great contribution behind all my success. Annisul Haque had his contribution for thousands of Dr. Kazi Ertaza Hassan like me. His demise is not a loss for me or the City Corporation alone, in fact this is a great loss for the entire nation and countrymen. Bangladesh has lost a dreamer and active worker.

I presented him a book of my authorship after the election and again met him after about a year. He reminded me of the book and said he realized how I positively think for the nation.

The moment when I am thinking of him, he is no more among us. I regret my failure to miss his funeral prayers. I am abroad with my mother for her treatment. Mr. Annis also loved his mother too. He described about his mother everywhere. He told me, “You are faithful to your parents. And those who are blessed with parental blessing become successful everywhere.”

One more fact, some opposition parties spread rumors about his death but when the Prime Minister went to see his dead body and met with his family member, all the plots against him were destroyed. It is proven now that Annisul Haque was a real patriot and followed a legal path. I was thundered hearing his death and prayed to Allah for him. Honestly, he was fond of his mother, and the son of another mother failed to bid him farewell. It is extremely sad for me.