PM’s speech and our place of trust

 :: Dr. Kazi Ertaza Hassan ::

Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina delivered her speech for the nation on the occasion of the beginning of present government’s fifth years in second term. In her speech Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina thoroughly uphold the present government’s success towards nation. On Friday she delivered the speech marking her government success. She told about the polls time government, economy, country’s development and others in her speech. She expected that all political parties registered with Election Commission will take part in the next parliament election.

She also added that the next election will be held as per the constitution. Making it clear that the next general election will be held as per the Constitution, Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina on Friday expressed her high optimism that all the parties registered with the Election Commission will take part in the polls for upholding the country’s democratic process. She said that as per the Constitution, the 11th parliamentary elections will be held at the end of 2018. How the election will be held is clearly stated in our Constitution. An election-time government will be formed as per the Constitution which will provide all-out cooperation to the Election Commission to conduct the election’. The PM, however, expressed her apprehension that vested quarters might try to create an anarchic situation in the country over the next election. She also warned that people will not accept the loss of lives and property in the name of a movement boycotting the election.

Describing people as the county’s owners, Sheikh Hasina asked them to determine their goals. ‘You have to decide what you want to see — advancement of the country or backward march of Bangladesh. Think for a moment what the position of the country 10 years back was’.

Hasina said her government wants to develop Bangladesh as a rich country and is implementing a number of mega projects to this end. The GDP of the country raised into 7.28 which is fast than the neighboring country like India and Pakistan. Half of the work on the Padma Bridge has been completed while work on the Dhaka Metro Rail and Elevated Expressway is progressing. ‘The entire country is being brought under the railway network and a tunnel is being constructed under the Karnaphuli River.’ As per her speech we will find trust in her speech.  Nobody will deny her development.