Probable candidate’s official declaration: Proper initiative expected if any fault found

:: Dr. Kazi Ertaza Hassan ::

The Anti-Corruption Commission (ACC) announced that the official declaration of assets by the probable candidate will monitor for the upcoming parliamentary elections. Therefore, ACC chairman hopes that the candidates will be able to give accurate and immovable assets and annual income-expenditure accounts. But to hide the actual information by the candidate isn’t new for the elections. We have always been seeing this in every national parliament. Not only that, in almost every sector, concealing of real information has become a part of our community. Even in the case of surveys conducted on various subjects, it is not possible to find any similarity with the information that has been made with the actual information. It is not only in our country, but also in the developed countries like America. And now in Bangladesh it has become as a chronic disease. If the people who make laws for the nation are ‘liars’, will they show honesty in law enforcement?

Therefore, the ACC has emphasized on the validity and proper nature of the financial assets of the prospective candidates in the declaration. There can be no problem in the calculation of declaration match with the calculation of Income Tax Document. If any candidate’s declaration sounds unusual and suspicious, it will be searched. If necessary, the constitutional law will be brought under law. Earlier, the ACC took legal action after detecting assets of several state minister-MPs. Now the Commission will go to search for abnormal assets. We think that, if it is done properly, appropriate action will be taken against potentially informative candidates. As well as the number of bad candidates will be reduced. The field of corruption will not be further expanded, rather it will be constricted. We believe that everyone willing to be elected by the public representatives will make all kinds of real estate accounts in their affidavits.

According to the Election Commission (EC) sources, the applicant, as well as his family members, will be required to furnish information related to agricultural, business, home, apartments, shops, shares, savings certificates, bank deposits, occupations and other accessories as sources of income. We have seen that before the general election of India, the people of that country knew the present Prime Minister of India as ‘unmarried’. But he was forced to mention in the declaration that he is married. This should be happen. No information can be kept secret in order to avoid any adverse reactions in the society and the people. If he has such information to be concealed, and if it is published later, then what effort we could expect to a lawmaker?