Rich should spread warmness among poor to battle winter 

:: Dr. Kazi Ertaza Hassan :: 

The bitterness of cold is on the rise across the country and public life has been halted in many parts of the country. Media has been portraying the issue and this is really tough for the vulnerable section of the society to bear the excessive cold. Besides, seasonal diseases are increasing too. The average temperature has fallen to 11 to 5.1 degrees which is unusual – opined the met experts. They are also on the view that the temperature may fall again in next few days. The bitterness of cold is more on the coastal areas and the northern region of the country. The people are suffering from unbearable troubles at in those places.

They are also experiencing troubles for warm clothes. However, unluckily there are no initiatives so far to distribute warm clothes among them. Mass people are not much cordial as they demonstrated their affection to the Rohingyas a few days ago. The scenario is the same in the past days too. The wealthy and affluent people do not move ahead with their attempts to remove the sufferings of the poor in the winter days. It is hopeful that initiatives have been taken from the Prime Minister’s office to distribute warm clothes and other relief materials among the poor in different parts of the country.

So, it is expected that the people who are wealthy should come forward and spread their supportive hand towards the poor for their survival in this winter.