Sophia inspires BD youths

:: Dr. Kazi Ertaza Hassan :: 

Sophia is a humanoid robot and recently her presence in Bangladesh at ‘Digital World 2017’ has had a great influence on our youths. The robot, accompanied by its manufacturer David Hanson, had conversations with the Honorable Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina. A sense of curiosity was raised among the youths of the country. The venue was highly crowded by interested people on technology. The robot, modeled as like Audrey Hepburn, was activated on April 19 in 2015. Sophia is engineered to response in questions and also has different facial expressions. The arrival of Sophia in Bangladesh has undoubtedly created a sense of interest among the youths of the country. But this is not the first time for local youths, a couple of social robots have been made by different university students but those were dissimilar to Sophia. But by the same time, it should be kept in mind that the designing and manufacturing cost of Sophia was huge than the expenses we have for the intelligent students of our local universities. The cost to sponsor Sophia in Bangladesh was around Tk 12 crore, and a portion of such sponsors for the local students might result in something similar like Sophia. Bangladesh will move ahead in robotics.

Technology is penetrating amid humans in terms of intellectual aspects while humans are trying hard to input some humane intelligence in machines. It appears that machines and humans want to meet together. Definitely this is impressive but this is a concern if the machines with life changes human nature. If robots complete all the manual jobs, then people will have nothing to do. And we also should pay attention on the basic and essential matters are not hidden by the tech-going trend.