UN proposal: Opposition and broken should turn generous

:: Dr. Kazi Ertaza Hassan ::  

We can expect that the Rohingyas should go back in their own land in near future despite the opposiotn from two superpowers like Russia and China as the bill of Rohingya repatriation has been approved in the UN assembly. It is now proved that teh world is favoring the humanity and against the oppressors. About 122 states have voted to end the military raids against the Rohingya people while some states like Syria, Vietnam, Cambodia ahve voted against the issue. And 24 more coutnries refrained from voting.

An inhumane torture is on over the population in Myanmanr in the name of military raids, the villages are burnt down, men, women and children have been killed indiscriminately. So, they ran for shelter in Bangladesh and many of the international bodies have protested against this inhumane activiteis. But the Myanmar military is still continuing the destruction ignoring the world opinions. So, the proposal to take the Rohingya people back to their state with the citizenship has been made in the general assembly of the UN. Bangladesh is a peace-loving country and despite being friends of the nation, China and Russia has become biased to Myanmar for its own interest.

Besides, the countries who refrained from voting have indirectly supported Myanmar which is embarrassing for us. If the situation underwent on the other countries, would not the other nations responded in the call? Will they remain blind by covering their face with sand?