UN Secretary-General’s article : World community should come forward now

:: Dr. Kazi Ertaza Hassan ::

Recently, the United Nations Secretary-General and Visitors Bank visited Bangladesh and visited Rohingya camps in Cox’s Bazar. They have seen their overall situation. And the United Nations Secretary-General Antonio Guterres wrote an article in the Washington Post about the experience of his visit. Many world leaders have described this phenomenon as ‘genocide’, in which the Rohingya people have been subjected to brutal torture by the army in Myanmar. And the UN referred to as “the best example of ethnic killings”. Currently there are more than 11 lakh Rohingya in Bangladesh. They ignore the sunshine or the danger of the hills, they are living very fondly.

Meanwhile, we are skeptical of their sincerity in the way the government has been involved in turbulence and recession in relation to returning Rohingyas to Myanmar. Under such circumstances, UN Secretary General Antonio Guterres came to Bangladesh to see the situation of Rohingyas. On returning, he wrote this article in a highly emotional language in the US Washington Post. In the article, he did not say that the world community failed to solve the Rohingya crisis and bring their normal life back. Gutters said, where the developed nations are showing vulnerability in tackling the problem of global refugees, where Bangladesh has opened the border even though it is a weak economy, it is unmatched in the whole world. But this shelter is not the last word. Now these 11 lakh Rohingya will survive and survive, they have to be treated as one. In this situation, the UN urgently called for a $ 1 billion fund. But it is a matter of great regret that there was not enough response. Only 26 percent of the money has been found so far. In this sense, it is not possible to say that it is not possible to meet urgent requirements like food, sanitation and treatment of Rohtung refugees. Therefore, in this situation the United Nations Secretary-General expressed hope that the world community will soon extend the hand of humanitarian cooperation further. In addition to urging the world community to persuade Myanmar to ensure their respectable repatriation, he said to the world community.

Otherwise, it will be a bad example in the world, due to the dangerous situation Bangladesh will face with the Rohingya population. As a result, in the future, no other country would like to flee to such a country and would not want to give any people access to the border. We believe that the United Nations Secretary-General has correctly written in his article. He said such a great deal to the world, considering the various aspects of the Rohingya crisis. We believe that the world community will give importance to this call, as well as expand their hands further in the face of this crisis. The situation is not going to look bad, so the world community will be the first to see it.

For the sake of humanitarian reasons, the government of Bangladesh has done its primary duty to provide shelter to Rohingyas. Khalimukhe Bangladesh government should not be sworn in praise. Now the United Nations Secretary-General in Washington Post wrote that he hoped that the crisis will come to the fore by responding and with their sincerity.