Will ‘Disappearance’ remain a mystery?  

:: Dr. Kazi Ertaza Hassan ::

The matter of disappearance is still unknown to us. The government tenure is almost finished and this is also causing a concern for the government as well. Many of the disappeared people never returned and the number of returning people is fewer. Many of the disappeared people entered into militant networks while some of them were arrested or killed in law enforcers’ raids.

The people who returned remain silent about the issue while the statements are all the same. They said they were locked in a dark room and the abductors demanded ransom.

The recently returned people have the similar statement. But the issue of returning is a blessing for the families and we also know the pain of losing the family member too. The families of who have not returned are awaiting their return. In last four months, five of the 15 ‘disappeared’ have returned and the law enforcers have shown arrest for six of them. We want all the disappeared people should return. The mystery will be solved why the people are abducted and kept in dark rooms or if there is any other issues related with that. We want the law enforcers should unearth the matter.