Election is not for the sake of an hour: Awamileg

:: Peoples Time Online ::

Referring to the upcoming parliamentary elections, Co-Chairman of the Awami League’s Board of Directors and Prime Minister’s Political Affairs Advisor HT Imam said, “We have told the Election Commission (EC) that the elections have been delayed till 30th.” No more. Not one day, not even one hour.

He said this after the Awami League delegation meeting with EC on Wednesday evening. Before that Dr. A delegation of the national united front led by Kamal Hossain held a meeting with the EC. Unity front demanded the election for three weeks.

Referring to the unacceptable demands of the united front, HT Imam said there are no countries in the world who decide the days of elections considering the advantages of foreigners. We are an independent sovereign country. We will look at our facilities.

He said, we have observed for several days that some groups are speaking differently in order to overcome the elections. But do not think about the difficulties they will face before the elections. Earlier on December 29, elections were held, but there was no problem in the big day or English New Year. There is no such thing that no one will come to the polls on December 30.

‘There will be several million new voters on January 1 after the election after December. If they are not registered, then the decision will be lost if the writ petition. Who will take responsibility for it? In addition, new books were distributed at the school earlier in the year. There will also be problems’ – added Co-chairman of Awami League’s election board.

In the matter of redressed schedule, on the last day of submission of nomination papers, on November 28, the day of the nomination papers will be decided on December 2, the last date for withdrawal of candidacy is 9 December, and on the 30th of December.

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