Strong tie between Dhaka- Anakara expected

:: Dr. Kazi Ertaza Hassan :: 

The relationship between Dhaka and Ankara is a historic one and the friendship tie is deep enough. Although the friendship is continuous between the countries, the complete potential has not been implemented. The diplomatic relation with Turkey began in 1974 while Turkey established its embassy in Bangladesh in 1976. And Bangladesh did the same in 1981 in Ankara. The business expansion has increased by 40 folded in past 10 years and that is gradually expanding as well. Turkey Prime minister Binali Yıldırım visited Bangladesh with the invitation of his local counterpart Sheikh Hasina.

The Turkey PM visited Rohingya camps in Cox’s Bazar. Turkey is one of the countries who raised voice against the Rohingya issue and also ran some diplomatic attempts. Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina also has said that both the countries will work jointly to solve the Rohingya crisis. Two MoUs have also been signed during this visit and it is expected that the business between the countries will grow more.

Local businessmen of Turkey have also expressed their interest to invest in Bangladesh. We expect that Turkey will be a close partner of development partner in Bangladesh.