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Mostofa Sarwar Farooki’s much-talked about drama film Doob: No Bed of Roses was permitted to release with a cut of five scenes. At least, a leaked document circulated by an unknown source on September 14 through Facebook claims so. After two days of the leak, Farooki took to Facebook to respond to the issue, which is something Farooki “didn’t want to talk about in the first place.”

“I didn’t want to talk about it. But as someone brought the government’s letter to an open platform and many of our fans are writing letters in regard, I feel the need to give a statement about the issue,” Farooki wrote on his Facebook.

Confirming that the cuts won’t derail the story of the film by any means, Farooki wrote, “Whoever distributed the letter has actually did us and our audience a favour. Now everyone knows that we incised a total of 2 minutes and 25 seconds from the film, thanks to the (leaked) letter. It professes that the story is all the same. We’ll release the trailer soon, which will further clarify it.”

“The censor board didn’t asked me to make any cut that may damage my artistic expression or the story. I would never do something like this anyway,” he added.

Farooki thanked his aficionados for the unconditional love they showered him with from the beginning of the dispute regarding the film. He further added that he is not here to fight a war rather to tell a story of some really vulnerable characters. “There’s no place for a fight in here, rather there could be place for meditation, place for thought.”

Getting back to the censor issue, Farooki stated that he is always against this “irrelevant cut culture”, while requesting his fandom to see the “bigger picture” here. “A shoe exchanging shot or a shot saying this car will go to Gazipur won’t change the destination of the car in the story, the car of the story will definitely reach to it’s destination,” Farooki concluded.

However, according to the leaked document, the scene showing Saberi changing her shoes with Nitu’s has been barred along with the dialogues. Another incised scene involved Jaber Hasan, in which he orders a driver to take him to Gazipur.

The scene of Jaber Hasan’s infant son sitting beside his dead body was also cut. A part of Jaber Hasan’s daughter Saberi’s conversation with her uncle was also incised. Along with these, a few scenes, along with the dialogues after the dead body of Jaber Hasan is being taken away in an ambulance has been cut as well.

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