Germany is shutting down 84 coal-fired power plant

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Germany is the world’s largest coal importer. The country has announced the closure of 84 coal-fired power plants in the next 19 years.

On Saturday, the country’s official commission said they made this commitment internationally by declaring war on climate change.

This announcement made significant changes to the largest country in Europe. Coal-based power generation in Germany is 40 percent. In recent years, coal-based power generation has been reduced in the country.

Ronald Pophala, chairman of the 28-member government commission, said in a press conference in Berlin that this is a great success. It was something else but now sure sure. By 1938, there would be no Coal-based thermal power station in Germany.

Coal sector has spent 45 billion dollars to change The recommendation of the commission is expected to be accepted by the government of Chancellor Angela Merkel.

Berlin’s German Institute professor Claudia Chemfret said that Germany has been the first to lead against the change in jayoyabai. Climate Change It is a very important warning for the world. Germany emphasized the importance of climate change. He said that the German is turning off a large industrialized country which depends on coal.

Germany is planning to destroy nuclear energy as well as nuclear energy by 2040.

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