‘Hasina-A Daughter’s Tell’ will be released on November 16

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The documentary ‘Hasina-A Dutter’s Tel’ has been created with Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina. This feature has been published online by trainee lengthist documentary and a song. Since then, people have been very interested in this documentary. From that interest everyone was waiting to know the release date.

In this 70-minute-long documentary, Sheikh Hasina has been described as a mother, affectionate sister and responsible public representatives.
This documentary released by Pipple and Khan on November 16 is going to release some of the theaters in the country.

Director Pipalu Khan told RTV Online that the documentary will be released on the blockbuster cinema, Star Cineplex, Madhumita and Silver Screen Cinema of Chittagong.
He also said, I did not work with the Prime Minister while doing this work. A common Sheikh Hasina, the daughter of Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujib was watching. There is no need to see anything more than this. In my documentary, I did not see Sheikh Hasina as the Prime Minister. He gave me that freedom too. He said, I do the job as I would like to see the picture. There was no tied-up briefing. Apart from this, because of a political figure, it has to be thoroughly researched with its history. We’ve had a lot of time to do this research. Here Sheikh Hasina has been shown as a common man.

On Facebook page, a picture of a middle-aged prime minister of Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina revealed the release date.
The published trailer explains Pipaloo and Khan. He said, in the trailer but we heard the voice of Sheikh Rehana. I did not want to give Sheikh Hasina’s voice to the trailer. Even he did not fully show him. His presence and voice are a big surprise for the audience.

Some scenes were seen in the trailer. Pipalur said, after ’75 Sheikh Hasina and Sheikh Rehana were in Germany. Talking about that time, the foreign scene was kept.
The documentary film ‘Hasina: A Dutter’s Tel’ has been created with the Father of the Nation Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujibur Rahman, Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina, Sheikh Rehana, and the family of Bangabandhu. Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina will not be found here absolutely Rather, Bangabandhu’s daughter Sheikh Hasina and Sheikh Rehana have seen how their father was, how those days were, in that documentary, it has been said in the documentary.
The first glimpse of the picture was revealed on Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina’s birthday. A song from the documentary was released on the night of 21st October. Tungipara has been used with the title of ‘I am not able to recreate, hope does not fill, everything goes away mother’.

But why is this song used? The answer is found in the first part of the song. In his voice, Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina says, ‘The parents returned from Karachi to Dhaka. Then the song, Panna Lal, “I do not have any hope, I do not have any hope, I can go to mother all” and hear it repeatedly.
The new song has been sung. Dabajyoti Mishra of Kolkata reproduced the song and sang. In addition to the song, Sheikh Hasina’s voice is thrice in the song.

The second time the Prime Minister says, ‘Tungipara is very good to me, I love it very much. When I came here I think I’m back to the ground, I’m back to my people. I think tungipara is the most beautiful place in the world.
In the very last part of the video, Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina spoke about herself. He said, ‘I do not want to keep any memories of me. These are not unnecessary, there is no need. This is a very harsh reality. ‘
But wait now to see the whole picture. After viewing the picture in the capital and Chittagong, the picture will be shown in different areas of the country according to the audience’s needs.

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