Hindu people helping ijtema at Dhaka despite hefazot threat

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Three-day Ijtema has started at Kholamora in Keraniganj, just a few kilometers from the capital city of Mohammadpur. Already thousands of followers of Delhi’s Maulana Saad joined this Ijtema. This three-day Ijtema had been organized in the three areas of  the capital city by Tablig Jamaat. But Hefajat Islam repeatedly created obstacles in those places.

Recently in the Demra and Mirpur, at the last stage of the event to do three day Ijtema before World Ijtema, people of Hefajat wanted to heat the environment there. Before the election, a section of the Pakistanis Tablig Jamaat and Hefazat are making a plan to create, conflicting environment in Tablig.

Even in Keraniganj’s Kholamora, many muslims feared that ongoing Ijtema can be attacked by Hefazat. But the local administration is cautious about this.

Meanwhile, a unique example has been created in Ijtema there. A temple of Hindus is located beside Ijtema in the Kholamora area of ​​Keraniganj. From that temple, Hindus are offering various facilities to the people of that Ijtema. As a result, there been seen a lot of religious harmony issues through this Ijtema.

In the Ijtema ground, there been found that thousands of devotees muslims participated under sheds and awning in open sky of this historic Ijtema. Many People were gathered in friday prayer at Ijtema Maidan. Maulana Mosharrof Hossain, elderly leader of the Kakrail Mosque, had lead the Jummah Prayer.

On Thursday night, through the repeated obstructions by the police and Alami Shurpanti’s, thousands of Tablig followers entered into Ijtema field. Traditional festive moment been seen in the face of Dhaka district Muslims.

Last week, 80 percent work been completed of the eastern housing ground in Mirpur, Dhaka by Tablig’s People. Still they could not do Ijtema there through the obstacles.

On last Friday, about three thousand people of Tablig jamat started voluntary work on the Mirpur ground. Hundreds of Ozukhana, toilets and huge awning were made there. But at night, police were forced by political pressure of some tablig scholars to stop ongoing work there and force them (tablig) to leave the field.

Tablig leader’s were doing many things to make this Ijtema happened. But due to these obstructions, Dhaka District Ijtema has been shifted four times by the main section of the Tablig Jamat.

As a result, Tablig’s leader’s decided to do Tablig’s Ijtema in Keraniganj to meet the tension of Tablig’s companions on Thursday night.

Immediately after the announcement on Thursday night, followers of tablig jamat gathered in Keraniganj’s Kholamora Ijtema ground. Then Ijtema were started by main Bayan by the leader of kakrail Maulana Mohammadullah after Fajr prayer.

Muqim Maulana Abdullah Mansur of the Kakrail Mosque gave after Jumah Bayan. After Asr Bayan been gave by the Shura member of Bangladesh Tabligh Jamaat, Sayed Wasiful Islam. After Maghrib Bayan been said by the senior leader of the Kakrail mosque and Ahole Shura member of Bangladesh Tablig Jamaat, Maulana Mosharraf Hossain. On Saturday, Maulana Ashraf Ali Saheb will say after Fajr Bayan .

Ijtema of Dhaka district will end on Saturday at 10 am by Akheri Munajat.

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