If you hurt someone, do not get hurt

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Taskin Ahmed suffered a big injury. In this afternoon, BCB said that the finger of the finger itself was conducted at the academy ground, five times in the same year. If a pacer gets hit with so much, how to play the normal game! A few days ago he returned with the national league, took 5 wickets. He got hit again. Why is Taskin repeatedly hurting? This is the lack of discipline or unconsciousness?

Taskin blows the issue of discipline or unconsciousness, ‘unconsciousness? Absolutely wrong I want to be a cricketer where you can get the chance to play well. At the end of the day, my passion and profession all play. Never feel like sitting in the house due to injury. I try my best to play for any team from fitness. Playing with Bangladesh is always a matter of dreams and peace. It seems to be unfortunate. It’s been done that has happened. Trying to keep yourself hundreds of injuries. ‘

Back in the beginning of the year, got a back injury. Taskin took almost four months to recover from that. The hand broke twice. Rugs got in the national league match. You can not be repeatedly hit by the injury and move on smoothly. If the hundredth is not fit, it becomes difficult to give the best. The positive side is that Taskin, who is out of the national team, is recovering a lot now. “Bowling should start after a week. Again, looking forward to returning to Bangladesh, the 23-year-old pacer’s voice is heard, “I want to return to the country, play for the country. There are many big series in front of the tournament. The coming World Cup is coming. My dream is to play the World Cup this year. You have to prepare yourself as a fit before this. Just do not have to be fit, you have to take part in the team playing well. West Indies series, BPL, New Zealand will try to get place in the team. I am not in the position of getting in the team. I will try to give my best. If you hurt someone, do not mind. I pray that I can play for the country as before.

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