India-Iran agreed to business by ‘Taka in the place of dollar

:: Peoples Time Online::

From Iran, the value of the imported floor will now be in India for the first time in the future. The contract has been signed in two decades. This is due to the United States sanctions on Iran in two decades. India has so far bought Iran from the bottom of the euro.

Continuation of the contract with the European Union in the United States of America has been closed. Later, India and Iran, through a bank in Turkey, were lobbying. In order to make transactions easier, the deal was signed by the Indian Bank for the purpose of redemption.

The United States has been imposing sanctions on Iran on November 5th. 8 out of that nodhodhojaya; India is one of them. However, India will not be able to make up to 3 lakh barrels. In pointing out, the newcomers at the top of Iran are far more interesting than Indian companies. Iran has given India the opportunity to not get the 60th degree under the Crudee.

So it would have to be sent to Iran under the ships. So Kanti will now be in the Iranian ships under India.

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