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Jamalpur Deputy Commissioner (DC) Ahmed Kabir has been returned to Dhaka by a special acting officer (OSD). At the same time, Mohammad Enamul Haque, the personal secretary of the Minister of Planning, has been appointed as the new DC of Jamalpur.

The information was announced in a separate notification signed on Sunday by Public Administration Ministry Deputy Secretary ABM Iftekharul Islam Khandaker and Senior Assistant Secretary KM Al Amin. The government has taken this step after the offensive video of Deputy Commissioner Ahmed Kabir went viral.

Additional Deputy Commissioner (general) of Jamalpur Rajiv Kumar Sarkar told reporters at his office on Sunday afternoon, we received two notifications issued from the Ministry of Public Administration today. According to a notification, Deputy Commissioner Ahmed Kabir has been transferred to the Ministry of Public Administration as the special acting officer. On the other hand, the Secretary of Planning, Mohammad Enamul Haque, has been appointed as the new Deputy Commissioner of Jamalpur.

Regarding the woman who had recently gone viral, Deputy Commissioner Ahmed Kabir said, “He is missing today without permission. Action will be taken on the direction of senior authority. The Khas room of the Deputy Commissioner is also locked. No luggage was removed. No one else has entered the room since the incident.

Jamalpur Deputy Commissioner Ahmed Kabir posted an offensive video from a Facebook ID named Khandaker Sohel Ahmed last Thursday. Such actions of the Deputy Commissioner triggered a flurry of criticism from social media on Friday morning. However, no video was found on that ID since Friday morning. But in the meantime the video went viral in Facebook Messenger.

Meanwhile, people of various classes and professions of Jamalpur in this incident created angry response. In a footage of a CC camera, Deputy Commissioner Ahmed Kabir was seen with a woman office assistant in his office on February 23 and August 7. When reporters went to his house on Friday morning to talk about these matters, he said that he would speak at a press briefing over the phone at noon.

Later on Friday afternoon, Deputy Commissioner Ahmed Kabir told a press conference at the circuit house, “I am mentally disturbed. You give me some time. The matter is being investigated to find out the actual facts. You will see forgiveness in a beautiful way.Asked about the video, Ahmed Kabir said, “This is a sorted video. A hacker group has long been trying to blackmail me into various forms of intimidation. I did not give importance to the matter. The video is posted with a fake ID.

However, he confirmed that the room shown in the video was the restroom of his office and that the woman in the video was working as an office assistant in his office. At that time, the Deputy Commissioner urged journalists not to report the matter.

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