Jaya’s ‘Debi’ is now in Canada

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The country’s cinematic viewer has won the ‘Debi’ Recently released in the United States. Bangladeshi expatriates also got five-fifths praising the film. Many people have expressed their love after watching the pictures on Facebook. Now the film is about to be released in Canada. In the first light, the happy news has said that one of the actors and producers of ‘Debi’, Jaya Ahsan,

International distributor of the ‘Goddess’ dream Dreamer Scrover has revealed, ‘Debi’ is being released on November 16 in the world market. In Canada, two cities – Toronto and Mississauga – are going to start with a total of 52 exhibitions in two theaters in the first week of ‘Debi’.

Sailak Salahuddin, chief executive of the dream company, SkrakeCro, said, “Debi” will be released on 30 November in Winnipeg, Edmonton, Calgary, Surrey (Vancouver), in more than 4 cities of Canada. As well as these 4 cities, one can be seen from the same day at the same time as the ‘Debi’ in Cineplex of Ottawa and Saskatoon.

The dream skier has been told, in every corner of the entertainment chain in the world of iconic cineplex in Canada, ‘Goddess’ will appear in the week itself. Week will be extended if demand is increased. The company’s optimism, ‘Debi’ will be printed in Canada by ‘Aynabaji’ business records.

‘Divine’ film’s international distributor, Dream Skyrakro, was informed that four week stretches of the City of Cypress in Toronto, Amitav Razor ‘Aynabaji’. The other three cineplexs are shown in two weeks. The box office earned 48,5 55 Canadian dollars.

Jaya Ahsan, the actress and producer of ‘Debi’ movie, said, “Like Hollywood and Bollywood, my image is contesting in the international market, it is a matter of pride. Like the United States, we invite you to see the Canadian Bangladeshi expatriates and Bangla speaking people.

Saalak Salahuddin said, “Some people mix well-wishes and each show show, which is not fair at all. Our organization is releasing Bangladeshi movies in the international market. This image is number 12 on the international market. ‘

‘Debi’ is being released on March 16 in Toronto and Mississauga. Tickets are available online and related to the theaters in the counter.

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