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Padma, a Hindu widow from the border region. Being a widow at a young age, he was again married to Ganesh Mandal. In the meanwhile, a person named Nasir fell into the river during the Durga Niranjan in Ichhamati river. He is smuggler. Floats in Bangladesh Padma protects her life. Nasir has given shelter in his home. Padma’s relationship with Nasir was developed. Padma tries to send Nasir back to India. But in the meantime three changes in life. The story of ‘Bijarjan’, where the story ended, began from that place, ‘Bijoya’ movie story begins. The poster of ‘Bisrjan’ photo sequel ‘Bijoy’ was inaugurated in Kolkata on Monday.On the occasion, the two actors Abir Chattopadhyay and Jaya Ahsan and director and acting Kaushik Ganguly Was Gautam Ghosh.

Director Kaushik Ganguly said, “The character of the story has not changed, but the country has changed. The crisis of Padma, Nasir and Ganesh Mandal has further deepened. I think, “Bijoya” will be ahead of the “abandonment” picture. Here’s the story of acting and storytelling.

Jaya Ahsan said, “The way I saw the characters in the movie” abandonment “, I will see in the film” Vijaya “where they have been there so many days, how they are, what has changed in their lives. There were not many answers to the question “abandonment”. But in front of those questions in front of the “Vijaya” picture. There are many new aspects of the story in the movie, which the audience likes.

Earlier, Jaya wrote on her Facebook page, “Bisrjan is a film very close to my life. From Padma to Nasir Ali, Ganesh Mandal – every character is still in the mind of the bright Bengali. But some stories do not end suddenly. So Padma, Nasir Ali, Ganesha Mandal again coming back to the big screen. I believe, “Bijoya” like a “abandonment” picture will touch everyone’s heart.

The film ‘Bisaron’ was released in India on April 14 last year. The best Bengali picture of India’s 64th National Film Award has been ‘Bisrjan’. Apart from this, actress Jaya Ahsan received the Geo Filmfare Award for the film. For this film, he got the nomination of Best Actress in both critics and popular-two categories. But the popular category won. On the evening of 17 February, the ‘Geo Filmfare Awards (East) 2018’ was awarded at Science City Auditorium in Kolkata.

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