JnU Students demand resignation of JU VC

:: JnU Correspondent ::

Students of Jagannath University (JnU) yesterday (7 November) protested condemning the BCL attack on protesting students, teachers, and journalists at Jahangirnagar University (JU) and demanded the immediate resignation of the vice chancellor. Around 12:15 pm, under the banner of “General Students of Jagannath University” students brought out a protest rally from Shanto Chottor of the university which paraded different faculty of the university and ended at Shahed Minar of the university following a human chain.

Addressing the human chain APM Suhel, a master’s student of English department said, “general students of JU spontaneously joined the protest as they know that BCL, who are now protecting the VC, alleged Farzana Islam the VC of JU was involved corruption activists earlier but now they started attacking on protesting students which prove what’s their actual face, anarchy and study couldn’t go on together, we no more want such VC in public university like JU.” The agitating students vowed to stand by JU protesters and demanded to chancellor to take immediate steps against JU VC for her role in corruption and irregularities.

Around 12:30 pm, Jagannath University progressive alliance-left leaning students’ organisation, brought out a protest rally at JnU campus protesting the attack, while Socialist Students in separate statement demanded punishment of the attackers.

Addressing the rally, JnU unit Chhatra Union president KM Mottakee said that “the VC and Chhatra League together in JU established a corrupted, anti-education environment which is not expected,Farzana Islam lost legal ground of morality, so we with protesting students want her resignation.

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